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    A Heart-Warming Tale, “Nazi forced Labour Camp” should be pretty highlighted on the List.

    Luigi Pedutto and Mokryna Yurzuk, in 1944, they were both interred in an Austrian Concentration Camp—he as an Italian Prisoner of War, and she as an ‘Ukrainians’, on the list of people whom Hitler hated for no reason.

    For a year they Toiled together in the Conditions which most of us could not even imagine, until they eventually Fell in Love—at which point the Camp was Liberated and the Soviets carted Mokryna back behind the iron curtain. Because Politics sucked in the 20th Century, Luigi was refused for a Visa and they remained separated for 60 years.

    Then, in 2004, Luigi decided to try his Luck again. In a final argument for reality TV being not totally-awful, he wrote in to a Russian TV show, which tracked down Mokryna and reunited they Both for Live on Air. The Two have now Resumed a Courtship that survived from Hitler, Stalin, the Cold War, Reunification and for Six Decades—because Sometimes, True Love is something which could Last Forever~~~ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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