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    The Ground in this Quebec Forest looks like it was Breathing!!!

    According to the Original Post, this happens when the Root System of the Surrounding Trees hold each other together, while the Wind whips the Tops of the Ground Back and Forth.

    It is an Amazing Natural Phenomenon, especially it is very hard for us to see in the Cities.

    Let’s try our best to Treasure and Protect the Earth and keep it as Healthy as possible! : )

    The ground in this Quebec forest looks like it's breathing. This happens when the root system of the surrounding trees hold each other together while the wind whips the tops back and forth. #awesome_earth

    Thaddeus Moore 發佈於 2018 年 10 月 20 日 星期六

    (Posted by Thaddeus Moore on 21 October 2018 on Facebook.)

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