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    As Winter is coming, a New Vending Machine is being Stocked with Cold Weather Necessities, such as Warm Blankets and Clothing for the Homeless in Muncie, Indiana (U.S.A.), and All of Them could be accessed for Free!!!

    The Latest Homeless Count says that there are as many as 200 people without a Permanent Residence in this Delaware County.

    The Vending Machine is readily available to those 200 Homeless People. The program aims to help provide Warm Clothing for anyone in need in Muncie. All they have to do for accessing the Supplies is Register for Help at Bridges Community Services.

    The Machines do not take money, just take TOKENS, which would be provided to those who Truly Need them.

    Once registered, the Homeless People would be given “Vending Machine Tokens” which could be used to take the Goods for Free.

    All the machine’s contents were Donated by Local Residents who want to offer their Support to the Needy.

    “We know that they are out there. Some are in shelters, some are in different living situations,” Karee Buffin with the Bridges Community Services Fund told RTV6. “We really want to use something like this to reach out to people. It does demonstrate that our community cares.”

    “That speaks about the community that we live in,” said Karee.

    Bridges Community Services is accepting Donations for the Vending machines. If you would like to donate you can contact Karee Buffin (Tel: +1-765-282-3948 Ext. 222).


    ***Please WATCH the News Coverage below, by RTV6:

    (Original News Published by RTV6 on November 1, 2018 and Good New Network on November 4, 2018.)

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