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    (Photos by Inspire More.)

    Valentina Izarra lives in Miami, Florida (USA), where she hosts “Mamas Con Ganas,” a Community of “Utterly Fabulous Latinas” who she hopes to motivate and empower with positively. What is more Inspiring than Watching a Woman who is roughly a week away from Giving Birth hit the Dance Floor?!!

    (This Photo was taken in April 2017, about 2 weeks before the Dancing Performance: Salsa Dancing. Photos by Facebook.)

    She started out Solo, then her Dance Partner Slavik Bularga smoothly glided onto the Floor through a Doorway, and off they went!!!

    You would never know it by watching them, but you have to figure this is a much more Muted Performance than normal because she was 35 weeks Pregnant at that time. But she moved so gracefully, even in those Heels!!!

    Maybe most Pregnants are not going to go out Salsa Dancing in the final trimester, much less so close to their due dates, but Regular Exercise during Pregnancy has numerous benefits, including reducing backaches, increasing energy, boosting mood, and helping to tone muscles.


    This is truly amazing to watch. It would definitely a performance you should not want to miss.

    Let’s enjoy the Amazing Video by Mamas Con Ganas on YouTube:


    (Source from Inspire More on December 4, 2018.)


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