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    (Reference Photo by Twitter)

    When most people think of rock stars touring the world performance, they assume that they are only focused on partying. That’s why it came as a big surprise when it was revealed that one of the world’s most famous rock band, Metallica, has quietly been doing something to help others on each stop of their world tour.


    The legendary American heavy metal band has reportedly been donating thousands of dollars to food banks on each stop of their Worldwide tour.

    (Photo from Good News Network)

    The charity said that Metallica has donated US$10,000 to the Utah Food Bank, which will be “enough to provide 30,000 meals to Utahns facing hunger.”

    Except the Utah Food bank, Merallica has also non-stop donated to Idaho Food Bank, Orengo Food Bank, Second Harvest, Three Square Food Bank, etc…supporting them in their mission to fight hunger and feed hope.

    Though the Metallica’s “All within my hands foundation” is very consistently donating large amounts of their concert tickets and merchandises sales, they also made a total US$50,000 donation to benefit California wildfire victims earlier in November 2018. Their action makes everyone feeling warm and impressive.


    God bless Metallica for using their music tour to give back to those in need in a big way!

    (Reference Photo by Twitter)

    (Source from Uplifting today on Dec 6, 2018 & Good News Network on Dec 4, 2018)

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