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    2018 Trees for Troops is the 14th year delivery farm grown Christmas trees for the military families. Staring from the 2018 season having donated 208,720 real Christmas tress over the past 13 years.

    Last week, the students from a New Hampshire school are working to make the holidays brighter for troops. The elementary School fifth-graders helped to prepare hundreds of trees, which will be sent to service members who will be on duty around the world for the holiday season, and their families around the country and world.

    Organizers said the students work so hard and put much effort to make the campaign successful. More than 600 trees were collected in New Hampshire. Most memorable is, the 200,000th trees was sent to the Vidal family at Fort Drum from the Rocks Estate, and this campaign seems like that become a tradition in New Hampshire. The trees will arrive in Florida within days and join others donated from across the country also.

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    “They learn how to raise money,” organizer Nigel Manley said. “They do cold calling. They write all the tags that send special messages to the troops, and we put them on the trees.” “I think it’s a great opportunity for kids to give back and realize they can have an impact on the world,” guidance counselor Sue Greenlaw said.


    (Reference Photo by Yahoo)

    Sam Petree was among the first group of students from Bethlehem Elementary School to get involved in the project.

    He joined the Marine Corps and had a tree delivered to him years later.

    “I know how it feels to be away from your family and your loved ones during the holidays. It’s a really tough season,” Petree said. “These kids are supporting the troops, learning about the troops, what they do, and with that, it builds respect for everybody, and it teaches the kids some good work ethics.”

    In addition to teaching the kids how their efforts can positively affect the world, it has also taught them valuable social life skills, such as time management, fundraising, and the importance of resource allocation.


    (Source from New Haven Register on Dec 4, 2018 and Good News Network on Dec 8, 2018)


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