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    An English rapper Bugzy Malone says one of his music videos helped reunite a missing man with his family. A MUM was spotted her missing son in his rap music video “RUN”.

    Manchester-based musician Bugzy Malone revealed the homeless man is now back home and “back on track” after being reunited with his mum and family through his video.


    Back in August 2018, Malone was shooting a music video for his song called “Run”, which features vocals by Rag’n’Bone man – was re-shot to include real homeless people on the streets of Manchester, Bugzy Malone said. During the video shoot, he had the opportunity to hear more about their stories.

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    After the video was released in August, the unexpected happened.

    “We got an email off a mum of one of the guys, the guy had been missing for six months to a year on a missing list. She said when she’s seen him in my music video, it made her go out and find him at once.”


    Malone then goes on to say in the interview that the homeless man later ended up in the hospital after trying to commit suicide. Fortunately, his mother was at his bedside, she showed her son all of Malone’s social media posts about the video shoot.

    Malone said: “I’ve been at the bottom, it’s not easy. Homeless or not, you must treat people with respect, rich or poor. People that have struggled are the special ones out here!” in one post.

    In another post, Malone captioned, “Life might get you down, just do your best not to stay there for too long. My guy was special regardless of his circumstances. You never know what people have been through. Good to meet you my brother.”

    Malone’s kind words warmed the man’s heart so much, he reunited with his family and committed to getting his normal life together. The young man now has job and a girlfriend.


    He was interviewed at BBC’s Radio Program called 1Xtra and said: “With the Run video I went out and we got proper homeless people in the video, the chance to chat to them and give them a little something… As oppose to getting actors.” Malone continuously said: “You can’t judge people, you don’t know people’s circumstances. This guy is special no matter what his life is right now. ”

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    The rapper continued, “This is one of the biggest signs that accomplished myself this year, and should be a highlight of my entire career.”

    (Photos and Source from Yahoo and Good News Network on 13 Dec 2018)

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