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    (The Diamond Wedding Ring. Photo by Press-Republican.)

    9 years ago, New Jersey Woman, Paula Stanton was cleaning her Bathroom when she looked down and noticed her Diamond Wedding Ring was gone. She took one look at the Toilet and just knew she had flushed it…… *0*

    Her Husband figured it was gone Forever, but Paula still hung on to a Shred of Hope!

    ​​​​In 2015, Paula mentioned the Long-Lost Ring to a Worker from the City’s Public Works Department. He tried not to laugh, knowing the odds of finding it were slim to none. Fortunately, just last month, that Same Sanitation Worker spotted Something Shiny in the muck while working on a sewer line about 400 Feet from the Stanton’s Home. That was right! It was Paula’s Wedding Ring, which has been lost for Nearly a Decade,  was found finally!!! It is really Amazing!!! ^0^

    “Nobody could believe it. Everyone was in a state of shock,” said Paula. “I was calling my kids and telling people about it. My family had a difficult year, and for this to happen…”

    Paula is calling the Whole Thing as a “Christmas Miracle” and is thanking the Sanitation Worker for his Honesty in Returning the Ring to her.

    Now, she is wearing it proudly on her Finger once more~~~

    (Don’t worry. She boiled it in lemon juice and peroxide first! :P)

    (Source from inspire more on December 14, 2018.)

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