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    A Woman helped save her Ex-Husband’s Life by Donating her Kidney, 20 years after their Divorce.

    (Photo by St. Cloud Times.)

    Mary Ziegler and Bill Henrichs of St. Cloud, Minnesota (USA), were married for 22 years and have now been divorced for 20 years.

    (In October, 2018, Mary Ziegler Donated one of her Kidneys to her Ex-Husband and Childhood Sweetheart, Bill Henrichs, even though they had been Divorced for 20 years. Photo by Facebook.)

    “We kind of made a commitment at the time to get along,” said Bill about the Decision to Separate. “And to not do anything poorly to each other and to the kids. You know all those bad divorce things, we agreed not to do that.”

    “I always say that Bill never left our family, but his wife Linda joined it,” Mary added. “I consider Linda a gift to my kids and me, and to Bill, and one of the best things that ever happened to all of us.”

    (Bill Henrichs, with his 2nd wife, Linda, said about 30 people Volunteered to Donate their Kidney, but it turned out that Mary was not only a Good Match but that they shared Antigens. Photo by Facebook.)

    Bill had been living with Kidney Failure for a while. A few people had volunteered to donate a Kidney, but they were either not healthy enough to donate or not a close enough match.

    That was when Mary volunteered.

    Doctors found Mary and Bill were the same Blood Type and shared quite a few Antigens.

    “The universe was just kind of like, you’re the one,” Mary said.

    It was also a way for Mary to give her Ex-Husband the Ultimate “I told you so.”

    “One of our issues when we were married is I’m super-athletic and into health and fitness and wellness and this guy wasn’t,” Mary said. “So I was going to remind you… Aren’t you glad?”

    “That YOU stayed (healthy)?” Bill replied. “Yeah, I guess so.”

    After the Surgery, Mary was in such good shape she was able to go back to work Full Time in just 3 weeks. Bill is on the mend, too.

    “I don’t think what I did was too amazing,” Mary said. “I was thrilled to be able to do it. To do it for, not just him, but for my kids and for Linda, everybody.”

    What amazes her are the People who Donate to Complete Strangers.

    “Yeah, I did a good thing, but people that do it altruistically, I’m in awe of them,” Mary said. “That is really selfless.”

    (Mary and Bill 1st met when they were 14 years old and married when they turned 18. Photos by Facebook.)

    In Chinese, there is a Sentence “一夜夫妻百夜恩”, which means “One Night of Love is come from a Hundred Days of Gratitude.” or simply “Once a Lover, always a Lover.”.

    There would be still Strong Love in a Relationship even in the Stage of Separation. 💓

    We should always have Hope in our Life. Never give up!!!

    (Source from Daily Mail on December 31, 2018.)

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