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    (The University Baseball Coach helped her onstage. Photo by LSUA.)

    If you think Graduating from College is difficult, how about Graduating from College while enduring Birth Contractions? That is exactly what happened to Anshonarial Greenhouse at the Year End of 2018. Even though the 31-year-old mother-of-one was experiencing Painful Contractions, she still wanted to walk across the stage and collect her Diploma. With the help of a Baseball Coach, Anshonariel managed to do it and she gave Birth to her 2nd Child 9 days later. She was all set to walk across the stage and receive her Diploma from Louisiana State University of Alexandria (USA), while in Active Labour. She decided to carry on with the Graduation, all to show her Children the Importance of Education.

    Studying Business Administration with a Focus in Accounting, Anshonariel wanted to share the day with the friends from her small class which included her Mother Elaine Young. When she began experiencing Labour Pains at just 25 weeks, Anshonariel took medication to stop the early contractions. ‘I knew it was a possibility I couldn’t walk [at graduation], but I really pushed to be able to go,’ Anshonariel explained. ‘In accounting there are only like 10 students. I wanted to be with them.’

    (Photo by LSUA.)

    She was offered a Wheelchair to make it across the Stage but politely declined. She said: ‘It was rough walking across that stage. But walking signifies that I really did it.’

    Though Graduating meant the World to her and she was Determined to make that Walk, Anshonariel made sure Help was nearby in case anything happened. Staff from the University and a Private Ambulance Service were made aware of the situation, ready to act if anything went wrong and to assist her post graduation.

    The short journey across the stage was not an easy one. Anshonariel walked across the stage helped only by the Baseball Coach. Immediately after crossing the Stage, she gratefully got into the Wheelchair and was taken to the Hospital where she gave Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy.

    In the end it was all about showing her Other Daughter, 10-year-old Daughter, Makhia, the Value of Education. ‘Makhia understands how important education is.’

    ‘If she sees me doing my work, she does hers. It’s showing her versus telling her,’ Even while in Hospital, Anshonariel submitted the last of her Essays to the College and eventually gave Birth to a Baby Boy she named Zaire. ‘In college, I tried to believe I could do anything if I could be bold enough,’ she added. ‘I just tried to be a boss and make it happen.’

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    This was not the 1st Time that her Son had interfered with her school work. Since Anshonariel had prematurely gone into labor during the final weeks of the semester, she had to complete her Exams from the Hospital. She even used a web cam to live-stream herself doing her Visual Presentations while she was in a Hospital Gown.

    But after everything she went through, she said that she was glad to be able to have 2 of her Dreams come true on the same day.

    “It was rough walking across that stage,” said Anshonariel. “I knew it was a possibility I couldn’t walk, but I really pushed to be able to go.”

    (Source from Good News Network on December 30, 2018 and Metro on January 2, 2019.)

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