• Be heartwarming friends!

    We should not look down on the Power of Simple Greetings to people.

    Nicole McNeil works as a Barista at a Starbucks in DuPont, Washington (USA). Her Simple Question to a Customer ended up Saving the Man’s Life.

    Back in January 2017, she noticed that one of her Regular Customers, Vince Villano, had been looking rather Depressed every time he came in to order his cold brew.

    “He kind of seemed like an Eeyore, just a little bit grouchy, a little bit of a sad sack all the time,” Nicole told KIRO 7.

    After several visits, she finally decided to Ask him: “What’s been going on with you?”

    She insisted that she was willing to listen to him, so Vince got the courage to sit down with her and explain that he had Polycystic Kidney Disease, an incurable genetic condition that causes cysts to form on his Kidneys.

    Vince needed a Kidney Transplant, otherwise, he would be facing a Lifetime of Dialysis or Worse.

    Nicole was heartbroken. As the day progressed, she could not stop thinking about Vince’s predicament, so when she finally got home from work, she recounted the story to her Husband Justin.

    Then without Hesitation, Justin said: “I’ve got a kidney, you know, we could do this. I think I’m willing to do that.”

    After volunteering to get Tested, Justin and Vince began spending Holidays and Weekends together only to find that they had a lot in common. They were both Army Veterans, they both liked hiking and camping, and even more excitingly, they were Perfect Donor Matches!!

    The 2 Men underwent Surgery in December 2018, and according to an Update from Starbucks, the Transplant was a Success and they are Both in Great Health!!

    Furthermore, the McNeils and Vince are now Lifelong Friends~~~

    “In general, having them as Friends, Family, I wouldn’t want it to not be this way,” Vince told KIRO. “I can’t imagine not having them in my life.”

    ***Please WATCH the Video below by Starbucks on Instagram:

    (Photos by Starbucks.)

    (Source from Good News Network on January 3, 2019.)

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