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    When you are driving on a Highway, and especially when you are Speeding, you should not want to get on a State Trooper’s Radar, but there is an Exceptional Case~~~

    Jimmy Baker and his Family live in suburban, Raleigh (USA) and his Wife, Laura, was set to give Birth to the Couple’s 2nd Daughter any day. In the early morning hours of November 26, Laura felt some Contractions. She asked Jimmy to take her to the Hospital to have them checked out, but just minutes into the Drive, she went into Full-Blown Labor……

    That was when the thoroughly Panicked Father-to-be spotted a State Trooper parked at the side of the Highway and started Speeding and Flashing his Lights!!!

    That did the Trick, and Sgt. Brian Maynard got out of his Patrol Car fully prepared to issue a Ticket. As soon as Jimmy pulled over, Laura’s Water Broke, so he “jumped out with his arms up, saying, ‘My wife’s in labor and I really need help.’”

    This was Uncharted Territory for Sgt. Maynard, who immediately started flashing back to everything he had seen about Emergency Deliveries on television. He walked back to the van with Jimmy, telling him, “OK. Well, we’re going to do this right here, me and you.”

    The Trooper did have the Foresight to contact EMS for Assistance, but by the Time they arrived, the Labor was too far along. Halyn, a Healthy Baby Girl, was Delivered in the Front Seat of the Van!!!

    “To be a part of the process that actually brings a life into this world is absolutely amazing,” Sgt. Maynard said, adding he was Thankful to be at the Right Place at the Right Time.

    Once things settle down on the home front, Laura fully intends to track down the EMTs who were also part of the process to thank them, saying without their help, “I don’t know how successful it would have been. It was maybe a five-minute experience, but a vital five-minute experience. (The EMS team) did everything to make sure it was sanitary and healthy.”

    (Photos by Twitter.)

    (Source from inspire more on January 3, 2019.)

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