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    While some people may have committed their New Year’s Resolutions to going to the Gym, this Woman resolved to write one Love Letter to a Different Person for Every Day of the Year.

    (Chicagoan, Jen Kramer made a New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of 2018 to choose one person per day she is grateful for and highlight that person on social media. Photo by Chicago Tribune.)

    They were not Romantic Love Letters, however they were Letters of Appreciation and Praise for Strangers, Family Members, Friends and Old Acquaintances from years past.

    48-year-old Jen Kramer said that even though she never cared much for New Year’s Resolutions in the past, she was inspired to start her “Year Of Love Project” when she read about the Benefits of using Resolutions for Positive Initiatives, rather than “arduous” self-improvement tasks.

    Jen, who works as the Director of Events at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois (USA), said that she did not often plan who she was going to shower with Love on any given day. She mostly chose her Love Letter Recipients based on her instincts. Some days, they were dedicated to High School Friends whom she had not spoken to in years; Others she dedicated to Restaurant Workers and Custodians.

    Today I met Mica. She waited on me when I stopped in for a cup of soup. Mica helped me with my Spanish and I with her…

    Jen Kramer 發佈於 2018年12月16日星期日

    This is Darby. We were sorority sisters in college, oh, a few decades ago. And while we haven’t seen each other in eons,…

    Jen Kramer 發佈於 2018年12月24日星期一


    Finally, after successfully publishing 365 Love Letters to Social Media, Jen said that “it’s amazing what happens when you are on the lookout for love.”

    For all of you, and for all that we endured together, I end this year, full of gratitude. For the good, the not so…

    Jen Kramer 發佈於 2018年12月31日星期一


    “In a lot of ways, it’s been an experiment in healing,” Jen told the Chicago Tribune. “Somehow, some way, showing love, expressing love, feeling love, exhibiting love has been a way to sort of navigate those moments of sadness — whether it’s about a person or a way things used to be or a way we used to treat each other.”

    “This was an experiment that absolutely altered the course of my life and the way I go through life,” she continued, “and it cost me nothing.”

    (Jen Kramer.)

    But while her Labor of Love was Completely Free of Costs, it apparently still paid off. Science has already proven that “Being Kind to Other People has more Mental Health Benefits than Being a Recipient of Kindness” – and Jen’s fulfilled Resolution is a Testament to the Research.

    “Where I went, love showed up,” she told the Tribune. “I took it with me everywhere. I looked for love everywhere. You just have to look.”

    Jen hopes that her Project will Inspire Others to use 2019 as a Year of showing Gratitude to their Peers, regardless of whether it is expected.

    (Photos by Jen Kramer and Facebook.)

    (Source from Good News Network on January 7, 2019.)

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