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    We may not tend to think much about Homelessness unless we have experienced it ourselves, or know someone who has. For 11-year-old Addisyn Goss, that moment came in 2015.

    (Addisyn Goss.)

    She was not Homeless herself, but she found out her Grandfather had been, for 6 years!!! He had been estranged from the Family for over a Decade and Addisyn had never met him. But when he found out he had Cancer, he wanted to make amends with his Daughter and asked someone to track them down.

    (The Goss Family in Michigan, USA.)

    Addisyn was just 8 Years Old at that time, but she showed an incredible amount of Compassion for someone so young. When the Family traveled from their Home in Fenton, Michigan (USA), to visit the Grandfather at a Veteran’s Facility in Indiana (USA) and realized he had been Homeless, “I was, like, thinking it was sad, because he got his leg amputated, too, during that time. So, I just really felt bad for him,” she said.

    And she went straight to work putting that Compassion to Action. Soon after their Visit, she founded “Snuggle Sacks (https://www.snugglesacks.org/)” a Nonprofit that provides Bags filled with Basic Items to those who need them most. That 1st year, 40 men and women benefited from the Bags she delivered filled with Snacks, Shampoo, Socks and Fleece Blankets:

    She then got her Older Sister Sheridan and Brother Jaxson involved, and they have been going Strong ever since!!!

    (Addisyn Goss, at the back, with her Elder Sister Sheridan and Brother Jaxson.)

    “It’s incredible that my sister, younger than me, can come up with that and go through with it. And it just makes me really proud,” Sheridan said.

    Watching her Children eager to hand out the goods at a soup kitchen that year, their mother, Stacy Daul said, brought her to Tears. “They love it. They get home and see something on the porch, they’re excited! And I think especially, with the holidays coming up, it just puts so much in perspective for us.“

    The Snuggle Sacks Crew has gotten Bigger and Stronger in the last few years, and they are now able to provide about 1,000 Survival Kits each month. They went from delivering maybe a Few Hundred Kits in 2015 to 1,000 Each Month just 3 years later!!!


    (The Snuggle Sacks Crew and those being benefited from the Bags delivered.)

    Addisyn plans to major in business once she reaches college, and with that kind of success already under her belt, there is no telling what she will go on to achieve.

    How the “Survival Kits” are being packed:

    Snuggle Sacks — Survival Kits for the Homeless

    Snuggle Sacks — Survival Kits for the Homeless was founded by local resident Addisyn Goss in 2015 when she was just 8 years old. These bags are assembled by Goss and her family, and given to the homeless at local shelters, such as The Shelter of Flint. See story at tctimes.com.

    Tri-County Times 發佈於 2018年4月21日星期六


    An Introduction Video of “Snuggle Sacks – Homeless Survival Kits”:

    (Photos by Facebook. Videos by Facebook and YouTube.)

    (Source from inspire more on January 7, 2019.)

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