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    Reading is very important for a Kid’s Development, but with so many Flashy Apps and Video Games out there nowadays, how do we get Kids excited about picking up a Book?

    The School in Buffalo, New York, had a Brilliant Solution!!!

    In Buffalo, one Public Elementary School had found a Creative Way to help Students discover the Joy of Reading. Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction #61 had unveiled a Brand-New Book Vending Machine in the School Library, filled with Scholastic Books!

    To encourage Reading in and out of school, all students in grades PreK–4 would have the opportunity to Earn Tokens through a Rewards System including Monthly Visits to the Library, which they can then Exchange for Free Books of their Choosing from the Machine. The Kids could get to take their Books home and build up a Personal Library. How many Elementary Schoolers would have a Personal Library?

    Buffalo Public Schools unveiled the Book Vending Machine on 27th November 2018 with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

    The Book Vending Machine, created by Global Vending Group, was purchased by School 61’s after-school partner, the Community Action Organization (CAO), which also Donated USD1,000 for Book Purchase. Books were Donated by Scholastic and John Mika, Founder of The Teacher’s Desk, who has also offered to Keep the Machine Stocked year-round.

    Teachers and Administrators said their Students could not wait to Read their Books and get a new one from this one-of-a-kind vending machine. This unique vending machine also seems to have caught the eye of Authors, Parents, Educators and Book Lovers on social media.

    Let us take a look at Some of the Great Tweets below:

    What books would you like to stock in the Book Vending Machine?

    (Photos by Tweets.)

    (Source from OOM Scholastic Blog on December 7, 2018.)



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