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    The Uncle of a missing 17-month-old Baby Girl said he feels as though he has been “Born Again” after she was found Safe and Well.

    (Police found Maria Tudorica, pictured, 3 hours after she went missing when her Father’s car was stolen in Newham, East London.)

    A Huge Search was launched Last Sunday (7 January 2019) for a missing toddler after a Car was stolen with the Baby Girl inside of it.

    Little Maria Tudorica was sat in the passenger seat of her Father’s Audi when Thief posing as a Prospective Buyer stole the car in Nine Acres Close in Newham (UK).

    The would-be buyer jumped into the Car and drove off from Nine Acres Close at 4:37pm and Police confirmed they found the Girl on Ruskin Avenue on Twitter at around 8pm.)

    The Car was later found dumped streets away on Hatherway Crescent WITHOUT the Infant inside, sparking a desperate hunt……

    The Tot was found about a third-of-a-mile from where the Car was taken, the Metropolitan Police said at 8pm on that day.

    (Maria, pictured, had been sitting in the Front Passenger Seat when her Uncle met the Buyer from Gumtre.)

    After she was found safe, Maria’s Uncle Gheorghe Stelica said: “God bless. I feel born again.”

    “I feel I am a new guy, I feel over 1,000 times relief.”

    “(My brother) he’s happy. He thanks the police so much for their service.”

    (The Scene in Hathaway Crescent, Newham, where the Car was found.)

    The Metropolitan Police Tweeted: “Delighted to report that missing child Maria Tudorica, aged 17 months, has now been found safe and well in the Ruskin Avenue.”

    Volunteer Officers from Newham joined the Huge Search for the Baby Girl, the Police said.

    (Photos by Metropolitan Police and PA.)

    (Source from Mail Online on 6 January 2019 and Evening Standard on 7 January 2019.)

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