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    A New Food Truck is bringing Hope to Louisville’s Homeless.

    Gerron Board and his Girlfriend recently decided to go into Business for themselves. “We wanted to try to make sure we could both do something that we like doing, and we both like cooking,” he said. The Business is mixing with some Food and Soul for the Area’s Homeless.

    (Gerron Board, Owner of Soulful Choices.)

    “We wanted to try to make sure we could both do something that we like doing, and we both like cooking,” Gerron told WDRB.

    After a Trip to Miami to find the Truck, they opened “Soulful Choices” 2 months ago. They are already making an Impact in their Community. They are not serving customers daily at the hot spots in Downtown Louisville (USA), but they are helping the under served.

    On any given day, the Local Food Truck Scene caters to Downtown Louisville’s Lunch Crowd.

    A few streets over, people can catch another Truck. “We’re trying to make sure we put smiles on faces today,” said Gerron.

    They are spicing things up with a lot of soul. “(It’s) really good food, really good,” said Todd Mingus, who is homeless.

    “You don’t know who’s eating and who’s not. So, we had extra money, profit money that we’ve made, and we decided to go to the store this morning, buy a lot of food and come out and help and give a lot of food out. It’s going to be every time we can. We’re going to make sure we do our part,” Gerron said.

    “You don’t just do stuff for people who can do something for you. You don’t do something for someone and expect things in return,” he said.

    Under the bridge near Wayside Mission on Jefferson Street, Board’s truck is a can’t miss site. “The colors and we’ve got music playing. So, it’s like a disco ball out here,” he said.

    Give back "Wednesday"……

    Soulful Choices Food Truck 發佈於 2019年1月5日星期六


    Board’s generosity and compassion for the city’s homeless has earned him the nickname “The Soulman”.

    “It’s a blessing. God bless him,” said Todd Mingus, who is homeless.

    “I just want to make sure that while I’m in a position to help, even if it’s just food, if I have enough money to take out and help people who are in need, it makes me feel great,” Board said.

    (Photos by Screenshot from the Video by WDRB and Facebook.)

    (Source from WDRB on 6 January 2019 and sunny skyz on 7 January 2019.)

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