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    This Centenarian had the Sweetest Reaction to a Chivalrous Mountie as he was stepping forward to grant her Birthday Wish.

    As a means of celebrating Elsie Shepherd’s 100th Birthday earlier last week, her Nursing Home in Regina (Canada) hosted a Party at the facility.

    In addition to inviting her Family Members, Elsie mentioned how she Hoped there would be Police Officers at the Celebration, so the Nursing Home Staffers called the RCMP Depot Division and asked if any Mounties could go to the party.

    Elsie was overjoyed when Cpl. Daryl Chernoff and 3 other Police Officers showed up for the Birthday Celebration.

    As the party progressed, Daryl heard Elsie mention several times that she wished she could Dance, and he was more than happy to grant her Wish.

    Daryl then asked Elsie and her Family for Permission to Dance. Once they had all accepted, he took her Hand and led her onto the floor.

    “She was ear-to-ear smiles,” Daryl told CTV News. “I was able to take her out to the dance floor and we had a conversation there and you could see the smile on her face, she just couldn’t stop.”

    Since the RCMP uploaded the Video to their Facebook page, it has been viewed Thousands of Times and it is easy to see why.

    ***Please WATCH the Sweet Video below:

    Yesterday, Corporal Daryl Chernoff fulfilled 100-year-old Elsie Shepherd’s birthday wish to dance with a Mountie.

    RCMP Depot Division 發佈於 2019年1月15日星期二


    (Photos & Video by RCMP Depot Division.)

    (Source from Good News Network on 18 January 2019.)

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