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    Ashley Holland Lost Control of her Vehicle and Rolled Down an Embankment into an Icy Pond, on the way to a Birthday Party with her 4-year-old Daughter.

    She thought she was going to die……

    (The Car went off the road and landed upside down in a Pond near Hantsport, Canada. It later rolled until it was right-side up. Firefighters checked the Car as a Precaution to make sure no one else was inside.)

    “When something like that happens, it’s like your parental instincts just kick in, right? And you do what you need to do to get your child to safety,” the 24-year-old Mother from Hantsport, N.S. told CBC Radio.

    As Freezing Water rushed in, Ashley managed to free her Daughter from the backseat, escape the vehicle, and swim to a nearby embankment.

    “How they were even able to get out of that car was a miracle,” said Captain Ryan Richard of the Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Department (Canada), who arrived at the scene shortly after the pair made it out of the water.

    “To be able to swim to shore and get up over that embankment is totally unheard of.”

    According to Ashley, the Car initially Landed on its Roof and both passenger Side Windows Smashed on impact. Then water started pouring in!!!

    Ashley unbuckled herself and crawled out a window into the water. She tried to open her Daughter’s Door from the Outside but it was not budging.

    For a moment, Ashley thought she would not be able to save her Daughter, Macy. The Car was Sinking too Fast. Her Hands were going Numb, but she refused to give up.

    (Ashley Holland and her Daughter, Macy were in the Car when it crashed. Ashley’s Youngest Child, 14-month-old Nyla, was at Home at the Time.)

    She climbed over the car and went back in through a window and worked with her daughter to free her from the Car Seat.

    When they got to the Embankment, Ashley did not think she could make it up the hill. So she told her daughter to get help.

    “I just said to her, ‘Run, you need to run, go’.”

    Macy flagged down a Passing Car for Help as Ashley managed to bring herself to the Top of the Embankment. The woman in the car Wrapped them both up in a Jacket and Called 911 while they Warmed up in the Vehicle.

    (This photo was taken soon after Ashley and her Daughter escaped from the Car.)

    Ashley added she is Very Fortunate she decided not to take her 14-month-old to the Party or things could have been much worse.

    (Photos by CBC News.)

    (Source from sunny skyz on 22 January 2019.)

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