• Be heartwarming friends!

    A Baby Girl named Arrow was born at 25 weeks weighing only 1 lb 15 oz. She has since undergone a long stay in the NICU where she is closely monitored as she grows stronger every day.

    Arrow’s Parents recently got the News that she is deaf, but Lucky for her, American Sign Language (ASL) is already the Primary Language in her Family’s Home!!!

    Arrow’s Dad is also Deaf, and he is ready to give his Little Girl All the Love and ASL lessons she needs.

    Recently, Arrow’s Parents shared a Video of her and her Daddy having a Little Conversation. The Video is quiet, but the Love between the Two of them is Visible, particularly as Arrow opened her Little Eyes and looked directly at her Dad as he signed “I love you” to her.

    The Sweet Exchange has been viewed Thousands of Times and shared across various social media sites. People everywhere are in Awe of this Daddy & Daughter Duo and the Sweet Words he signed to her. One Facebook User translated the ASL Conversation and Arrow’s Dad appeared to tell her, “I’m daddy! I’m your daddy. You beautiful girl. Green eyes. You’re cute. You’re cuuuuute. I love you. I love you.”

    There is no denying that even this early on, these Two are clearly the Very Best of Friends.

    ***Please Watch the Heartwarming Moment in the Video below:

    (Photos and Video by Instagram.)

    (Source from inspire more on 28 January 2019.)

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