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    A Patient Police Dispatcher is being praised for having the Sweetest Reaction to a Little Boy who Dialed 911 with a not-so-urgent problem.

    Antonia Bundy works as a Dispatcher for the Lafayette Police Department in Indiana (USA). Though she is trained to respond to Emergencies, she was surprised when she heard a Little Boy’s Voice on the other end of the Line saying that he Needed Help because “he had a really bad day at school.”

    Without missing a beat, she asked the Youngster why he had a Bad Day at School. He gloomily responded by saying that he simply had “a ton of homework.”

    Antonia then asked him whether he needed Help with his Homework. Upon explaining that he was not very good at Mathematics, he asked her for Help with a Fractional Problem.

    Antonia patiently walked the Boy through the Problem until he managed to calculate the correct answer, and she cheerfully praised him for his work.

    “I’m sorry for calling you, but I really needed help,” said the Boy, but Antonia was quick to wave off his apologies and say “we are always here for you.”

    The Police Department later posted the Audio from the Phone Call to their Twitter Feed where it has been shared hundreds of times. Though they Discourage people from Calling 911 with Non-Emergency Situations, they praised Antonia for her Compassionate Response.

    ***Please LISTEN to the Heartwarming Audio below by Lafayette Police Department:

    (Audio below by Lafayette Police Department via Twitter. Photos by Journal & Courier and Newshub.)

    (Source from Good News Network on 1 February, 2019.)

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