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    A 7-year-old boy was Lucky that his Elementary School Teacher was in the Right Place at the Right Time last week. Otherwise, his Father may have been in Big Trouble……

    Cameron Simoncic, a Second-Grader at Ellen Woodside Elementary in Greenville County, South Carolina (USA), had just returned Home from a day of school when he found his Dad had fallen unconscious on their Kitchen Floor.

    The episode was a result of his Dad’s Diabetes and Cameron knew that he had to Call for Help. When he tried to use his Father’s Phone, however, he got locked out because he did not know the Password. Cameron ran to his Neighbor’s House, but no one was home……

    Keller Sutherland, a First Grade Teacher at Ellen Woodside Elementary in was Driving Home when she noticed a Child riding his Bike Down Highway 25 in Greenville.

    Her intuition told her something was wrong, so she turned around and planned to ask him where he was going.

    When Keller stepped out of her Car to approach the Boy she immediately recognized him.

    “Oh my gosh that’s Cameron,” she recalled. “That’s my student, I had him last year.”

    Cameron, 7, told Keller about his predicament and his last resort was to ride his Bike for 5 Miles on Highway in Hope of reaching his Grandmother’s House.

    Meanwhile, Keller told WSPA that she had been having a Lousy Day. Upon questioning her career decisions, she had left school Earlier than Usual and started driving home when she saw a Boy riding his Bike through Traffic.

    At that time, Keller did her Best to keep Cameron calm. Once paramedics were called to the scene, Cameron gave them directions to his House so they could help his Father.

    Emergency responders arrived at Cameron’s Home and found his Father barely conscious on the floor. They delivered the Necessary Injections to Cameron’s Dad, his Blood Sugar Levels quickly returned to Normal. Keller said the whole experience renewed her Faith in her Profession.

    Cameron’s Father was treated at the scene and has made a Full Recovery~~~

    Keller said as a Teacher, her Job goes far beyond the classroom. “There’s no doubt that God placed me where he did when he needed me,” she told WSPA.

    “I truly care for these kids,” said Keller, “and on a day when I felt like I wasn’t making an impact, and then God just intervened and placed me where I needed to be in that moment for Cameron.”

    ***Please Watch the Video below:

    Ellen Woodside Hero

    Teachers create bonds with their students every day. This week a teacher and student saved a life. Keller Sutherland was driving home from Ellen Woodside Elementary when she saw a child riding down Highway 25 on his bicycle. The child appeared scared and was peddling as fast as he could. Sutherland recognized the child as one of her former students. With her help Cameron was able to get home safely and contact first responders to revive his unconscious father.

    Greenville County Schools 發佈於 2019年2月10日星期日


    (Photo and Video by Greenville County Schools.)

    (Source from sunny skyz and Good News Network on 13 February, 2019.)

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