• Be heartwarming friends!

    Not long after the Woman’s Husband passed away, Bob the Cat turned up at this Grandma’s House and decided to move in.

    The Woman’s Grandson posted Photos of Bob on reddit and said the Disfigured Cat Brightens up the Grandma’s Life every day.

    The Veterinarian believes Bob was hit by a Car and lived as a Stray for a long time because his Face is Out of Shape but all were healed so he is not in any pain now.

    Here is where things get interesting~~~

    Before Bob turned up the Grandma read a Book about a Street Cat named Bob which is who she named him after. The Cat from that Book is also a Ginger Cat.

    “Strangest coincidence, it really was meant to be,” her Grandson said.

    He added: “They’re so cute together! She narrates everything for him while he watches her every move and follows her around.”

    It seems Grandma and Bob found each other just when they both needed each other!!!

    May they Both enjoy many Happy Years together!!!

    (Photos by lurkerunicorn via reddit and sunny skyz.)

    (Source from sunny skyz on 10 February, 2019.)

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