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    Though it may seem counter-intuitive, these Prison Inmates were being cheered on by a Crowd of Spectators as they were Breaking into a Couple’s Car earlier this week.

    However, the Inmates were not forcing their way into the SUV for any nefarious purposes; they were simply trying to Reunite an 1-year-old girl with her Parents.

    Shadow Lantry, the Mother of the child, said her Husband strapped their Daughter into the Car Seat and tossed the Keys in the front seat. When he closed the back door, he realized the Doors were locked……

    The Car had been parked at the West Pasco Judicial Center in New Port Richey, Florida (USA). When the Father of the Infant accidentally locked the Keys inside of the Vehicle, with the Baby still sitting in the back seat!!!

    Since the Parents reportedly could not afford a Locksmith, they had no idea how to Unlock the Door……

    Deputies from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office were about to Break the Window of the Vehicle when a Nearby Group of Inmates offered to Help~~~

    The 5 low-risk, non-violent Offenders had been repairing Local Median Strips under the Supervision of a Law Enforcement Officer when the incident occurred. With permission from their supervisor, the group of Trustees got to work.

    While the Infant’s Father soothed his Daughter from the Window, several of the Trustees pried the SUV Door Open so that the Opening was just wide enough for Another Inmate to slip a Coat Hanger in through the Crack. Within just a few brief minutes, the Inmates had managed to activate the Electronic Lock and Open the Door!!!

    In a cell phone Video that was shared by the Infant’s Mother, the Crowd can be heard Cheering as the Parents are finally reunited with their Distressed Daughter:

    (Photos & Video by Shadow Lantry and abc Action News.)

    (Source from Good News Network on 19 February, 2019 and sunny skyz on 18 February, 2019.)

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