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    A 2-Year-Old Deaf Girl Loves People, so her Whole Neighborhood is Learning Sign Language for her.

    • 2019-02-19

    0 Hearing Impairment is a Social Barrier for those who do not know how to use Sign Language, but in this Little Town which is at the far end of Islington Road in Newton, Massachusetts (USA), Sign Language has actually brought the Community Together. 2-year-old Samantha (Sam) Savitz is Deaf, but that does not stop her from being an Outgoing Little Toddler. Whenever Samantha is out with her Parents in their Town of Newton, she tries to chat up Everyone she meets. (Samantha Savitz. Photo by CBS NEWS.) As this Little Girl got a bit older, she continuously tried to befriend …

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    She just Lost her Husband, then Bob the Disfigured Angel Cat showed up.

    • 2019-02-18

    0 Not long after the Woman’s Husband passed away, Bob the Cat turned up at this Grandma’s House and decided to move in. The Woman’s Grandson posted Photos of Bob on reddit and said the Disfigured Cat Brightens up the Grandma’s Life every day. The Veterinarian believes Bob was hit by a Car and lived as a Stray for a long time because his Face is Out of Shape but all were healed so he is not in any pain now. Here is where things get interesting~~~ Before Bob turned up the Grandma read a Book about a Street Cat …

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    Former Homeless Bus Driver won Awards, because He Never Stops Smiling & His Passengers Love It.

    • 2019-01-17

    0 A Former Homeless Person has gone from the Street to a Seat and been crowned London’s Top Bus Driver, after spending only 16 Months on the Job. His Reputation climbed to the Top because he Never Stops Smiling, despite battling traffic gridlock every day. Patrick Lawson is over the moon about his new title. The 50-year-old said after falling into the “wrong crowd” as a teenager and a spell in prison, he was dragged into the “dark and vicious cycle” of homelessness, crime and drugs. When he finally managed to land on his feet, his cheerful disposition was reborn. “My …

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    Following Alzheimer’s Diagnosis, 81-year-old Senior enrolled in University: ‘It’s a good thing because I was bored being retired!’

    • 2019-01-10

    0 Ron Robert was “shocked and distressed” over his Alzheimer’s Diagnosis 3 years ago, but instead of letting the Disease get the better of him, it has inspired a Brand New Chapter of his Life. After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, 81-year-old Ron Robert decided to enroll in University as a Personal Experiment to see if Education could keep the Chronic Neurodegenerative Disease at bay. As a means of keeping his mind sharp, this Senior started taking classes at King’s University College in London, Ontario (Canada). “I thought when I was given this diagnosis, I got to change my lifestyle; I’ve …

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    New York Elementary School unveiled Genius “Book Vending Machine.”

    • 2019-01-09

    0 Reading is very important for a Kid’s Development, but with so many Flashy Apps and Video Games out there nowadays, how do we get Kids excited about picking up a Book? The School in Buffalo, New York, had a Brilliant Solution!!! In Buffalo, one Public Elementary School had found a Creative Way to help Students discover the Joy of Reading. Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction #61 had unveiled a Brand-New Book Vending Machine in the School Library, filled with Scholastic Books! To encourage Reading in and out of school, all students in grades PreK–4 would have the opportunity to Earn Tokens through …

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    Dog saved its Owner’s Life when it sniffed out Cancer, Not Once, but 3 Times!!!

    • 2018-12-14

    0 (Photo by Stephanie Herfel.) This Siberian Husky does not just have a Sweet Face to look at. She is also got a Nose that is credited for Saving her Owner’s Life. Sierra the Dog has been able to Smell Stephanie Herfel’s Ovarian Cancer not once, but 3 Times. On top of that, she has also managed to Sniff Out Cancer in nearby Strangers as well. Sierra’s 1st Cancer Detection occurred in 2013 when the Pup was roughly 2 years old. At the time, Stephanie had been experiencing some abdominal pain, but a Doctor had simply prescribed her some antibiotics …

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    Girl opened Christmas Gift she gave Boy she dumped nearly 50 years ago, realized it is a Book about Love.

    • 2018-12-12

    0 A Man in Edmonton (Canada) who made International Headlines for holding onto a Wrapped Christmas Gift from a High-School Girlfriend who dumped him nearly 50 years ago, finally learned what it was in Early December, 2018 when she travelled to the city and opened it for him. Video by The Canadian Press: Adrian Pearce, now a Married Father of 2, received the Small Present wrapped in Shiny, Purple Paper shortly before Christmas in 1971 from Vicki Allen, who was his very first Sweetheart at George S. Henry Secondary School in Toronto (Canada). But when she handed the Gift to …

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    A Bookstore Had to Move Thousands of Books and a Human Chain was Formed.

    • 2018-11-21

    0 (Hundreds of Volunteers formed a Human Chain to help move “October Books” to its New Location in Southampton, England. All Photos by October Books.) “Can you lend a hand?” was a Question formulated by “October Books”, an Independent Bookstore, located in Southhampton, England. Volunteers were needed for “Heavy Manual Work.” It was crucial for Volunteers to lift and carry boxes and office supplies, among the supplies including Thousands of Books!!! This Question came from October Books, a Nonprofit that began 40 years ago as a “Radical” Bookshop, after they struggled to afford the Rising Rent Prices of the Store they …

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    A Louisiana Man paid Fine for his Mother on a 84 years Overdue Library Book.

    • 2018-10-30

    0 A man who returned his Mother’s Very Overdue Library Book and paid her Fine, although he did not have to pay for it already. The Shreveport Times reported Shreveport Louisiana Resident, Robert Stroud came across a Copy of “Spoon River Anthology” by Edgar Lee Masters to the Library in Early October, 2018, for his mother, after finding the Library Book among his late mother’s belongings. She had checked it out from the Shreve Memorial Library in 1934!! Robert initially dropped off the Book at the Library without leaving his name. But then the Story of the Long-Overdue Book went viral, …

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