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    Frozen Cat that was found Unresponsive, Buried in Snow with Miraculous Recovery afterwards.

    • 2019-02-20

    0 After a Heart-Stopping Rescue from an Icy Montana (USA) Snow Bank, Animal Lovers are Rejoicing over this Cat’s Miraculous Recovery~~~ Earlier in this month, Fluffy the Cat’s Owners were horrified to discover their Beloved Feline buried in a Snow Bank amidst Temperatures that had fallen to 8ºF (-13ºC)!!! With 16 inches of powder already on the ground, Fluffy’s Fur had become a Matted Coat of Ice and Snow. By the time her Owners brought her into the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, her Temperature had fallen Dangerously Low and she had become Unresponsive. Clinic Staff spent the following 2 hours …

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    A Samaritan Paid for Hotel for 70 Homeless People during Freezing Temperatures.

    • 2019-02-01

    0 A Samaritan was paying for Hotel Rooms for 70 Homeless People who were camped out in Tents in the freezing cold in Downtown Chicago. The offer came after the Chicago Fire Department confiscated nearly 100 Propane Tanks given the group to keep them warm as Temperatures sank to negative 22 Degrees!!! The department was forced to act after one of the Tanks exploded.   (Around 70 people had been sleeping in Tents near a wooded area adjacent to the Dan Ryan Expressway before a propane tank exploded on Wednesday.) “When we got there, the fire was extinguished and they …

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    Rescued Cat finally opened his Eyes and stunned Everyone!!!

    • 2019-01-25

    0 Carmen Weinberg, the Founder of Animal Friends Project Inc., shared an Incredible Story about a Cat named Cotton on Facebook.   Cotton was brought to her on 12 September, 2016 in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, USA. The man said the Cat came out of nowhere and started eating from a bowl of food which he was trying to give to his cat. He said Cotton was very hungry. He was able to put him in a Cat Carrier and posted for Help.   “I went to pick Cotton up on Sept. 13 and took him directly to the vet,” …

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    “Christmas Miracle”: A 12-year-old Boy survived the Avalanche that Buried him for 40 minutes!

    • 2018-12-28

    0 (Photo by Getty Images.) A 12-year-old Boy in the French Alps was found Alive and Uninjured after being Buried under an Avalanche for 40 Minutes, an Event his Rescuers are calling a True “Miracle”!!! French Police in the Town of Bourg Saint-Maurice said the Boy was skiing off piste at the La Plagne Ski Resort in a group of 7 skiers on Wednesday (December 26, 2018) when he was swept away. The Boy started going down ahead of the others and was the only one caught when a large section of Snow detached and roared down the Mountain, police …

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    A Woman credited her Brave Chihuahua as the Reason she Survived from a Bear Attack.

    • 2018-12-18

    1+ (Photo released by the LeBarron Family.) A Tiny Dog is being credited for Saving the Life of a 51-year-old Woman who was attacked by a Bear in Mid December. The Canine Hero in question is a Chihuahua-mix who is coincidentally also named Bear~~~ His Owner, Melinda LeBarron, had been taking the Pup for an Evening Walk through the rural town of Muncy, Pennsylvania (USA) when the Dog started to bark. She looked around for the source of Bear’s distress and then she suddenly found herself being slammed to the ground. A Black Bear had seized a hold of Melinda …

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    Heavy Metal Band Quietly Donates to those in need on Every Stop of Their World Tour

    • 2018-12-09

    0 (Reference Photo by Twitter) When most people think of rock stars touring the world performance, they assume that they are only focused on partying. That’s why it came as a big surprise when it was revealed that one of the world’s most famous rock band, Metallica, has quietly been doing something to help others on each stop of their world tour.   The legendary American heavy metal band has reportedly been donating thousands of dollars to food banks on each stop of their Worldwide tour. (Photo from Good News Network) The charity said that Metallica has donated US$10,000 to the …

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    First Responders gave up Thanksgiving to Serve California Wildfire Survivors.

    • 2018-11-28

    0 Recovery Crews in California were not slowing down for Celebrating Thanksgiving Day. They were back in the City of Paradise, searching for Victims hours after a Rainstorm all but extinguished the Massive and Deadly Camp Fire. The Rain made it harder to sift through wet ash and debris, but it was safer for Cadaver Dogs searching for Human Remains, according to Deputy Incident Commander, Mark Brown. “It decreases the inhalation hazards both for the rescue and the canines,” he said. “They’re not inhaling it, the canines, can’t exactly put masks on them because they have to use their nose.” …

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    Baby Being Dropped from 3rd-Floor Window of a Burning Building was Saved by Bystander’s Perfect Catch.

    • 2018-11-28

    0 An Apartment Building was Burned in Dallas (a city in Texas, USA) on the Day before Thanksgiving Day. Residents of the Dallas Apartment complex leaped from the 3rd-Floor Windows onto Mattresses, and a Woman Dropped her Baby to a Bystander to escape the Flames. Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said several Residents and Bystanders, assisted by police officers, went door-to-door to alert Others to the Fire happened in Wednesday morning. There was 3 people, including a Firefighter, suffered minor injuries. (Photo by Yahoo News UK.) Byron Campbell was the one who saved the Baby Girl and the Others. According to …

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    In place of Cancelling Flights, Canadian Couple Spent their Vacation for Helping California Wildfire Victims.

    • 2018-11-26

    0 (Photo by Destinee and Paul Klyne.) The Latest California Wildfires are so serious that have spurred action from many in the Travel Industry. A story has recently surfaced about the California Wildfires and while it may be on a smaller part of assistance, it is truly Heartwarming. A Canadian Couple, Destinee and Paul Klyne had been planning on Pampering themselves with a relaxing vacation to northern California in Early November, 2018 and even though their Trip ended up with the Opposite of Relaxing, it also ended up with so much more meaning. The Couple from Penticton, British Columbia were originally …

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    A Party held for Homeless Baby born in the Wake of Hurricane Michael.

    • 2018-11-05

    0 Trucker, Nick Davis, left, met with Wilmer Capps and his wife Lorrainda Capps, holding their two-week-old son Luke, during a Surprise Donation Event in Panama City Beach on Oct. 30, 2018. (by Michael Snyder / Northwest Florida Daily News via AP) The Family of a Baby who spent his First Night out of the Hospital in a Walmart Parking Lot after Hurricane Michael just got a Surprise Baby Shower. The Happy Event happened at a Walmart near the Store where the Family hunkered down in those Dark Days following the Category 4 storm. Wilmer Capps, his wife Lorrainda Smith …

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    Photo found in 911 Rubble was returned to the Owner finally.

    • 2018-10-22

    0 <A woman posted a Wedding Photo found at Ground Zero after 9/11 Attacks on Twitter each year, hoping to find its owner.> For thirteen years, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe, a college professor in Connecticut, had been trying to return a Wedding Photo she found in the Rubble of the World Trade Center after the 9/11 Attacks. On Every Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks, Elizabeth posted the Photo on social media sites or worked with Friends to try and find the Owner. And in 2014, she finally found its Owner!!! She tweeted the Photo and it caught the attention of Someone …

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