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    Doing Yoga in a Field Full of Cute Alpacas~~~

    • 2019-02-19

    0 Have you already heard of Goat Yoga??? If you live in England, you could now attend Alpaca Yoga Classes, too~~~ “Rosebud Alpacas” has become the 1st place in Britain to offer Yoga Classes in a Field Full of Fuzzy Alpacas~~~   The Tiny Farm is located on a remote smallholding among rolling countryside in South Molton, Devon a county of England, UK. The Owners, Nick and Lucy Aylett, said that the Sanctuary has been hailed as the Perfect Place for Calming Exercise, so they decided to run their Yoga Classes in the same field where they keep their Alpacas. …

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    A Woman’s Post about the 5 Lives her Fiancé Saved with Organ Donation.

    • 2019-02-18

    1+ Corrine Hynes of Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, recently had to make the Decision to Donate her Fiancé’s Organs. David Llewellyn was only 28 when he succumbed to a Brain Tumor, leaving behind his Fiancée and their 11-month-old Son…… David left a wake of Sadness that will take a Lifetime to Overcome for the people who loved him, but Thanks to his Final Act of Altruism, his Family can take Comfort in knowing that he Died as he Lived by Helping Others. His otherwise Healthy Body was Donated to people who have been waiting on the Organ Transplant List for Years, …

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    Cancer Patient who set up Antiques Shop as Dying Wish is still in Business 20 years later.

    • 2019-02-11

    0 A Cancer Victim who started his Business as a Dying Wish is still going Strong now, even after Living 20 years Longer than expected. 65-year-old David Rolfe believed he was living on Borrowed Time after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in 1995. The Diagnosis led him to try and fulfill his Lifelong Ambition of Opening up Rolfey’s Antiques Shop in Bath, Somerset (England), which he assumed would at least see him through his Last Days. But after undergoing over 2 Decades of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and medication, his Doctors recently gave him the “all-clear” and his Shop is still …

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    Giant Teddy Bears had been taking over Paris for the Cutest Reason~~~

    • 2019-01-31

    0 Residents of one neighborhood in Paris, Les Gobelins, had noticed the growing number of Giant Teddy Bears that had been popping up at different locations, and the locals absolutely loved those New Visitors.   Don’t worry! They were not Real Bears — Cuddly, Soft Teddy Bears to be exact. The Bears were not suddenly gaining sentience and walking around when nobody was looking. In fact, the bears were part of a project by a local bookshop owner named Phillipe, in an effort to bring the community together in a fun, unexpected way, according to Le Parisien.   “I’ve been …

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    Chilling “Sound Of Silence” Tributed to Assassinated Mayor left Mourners Speechless.

    • 2019-01-23

    0 Losing someone who has played a Big Role in our life is never easy, including Politicians who have fought hard for our rights and well-being. On January 13, Residents of Gdańsk, Poland, were shocked and heartbroken when their beloved Mayor Paweł Adamowicz was Attacked on Stage during a Live Charity Event. The 53-year-old passed away from his injuries on the following day. Saying that he will be dearly missed is just an understatement, as evidenced by the Thousands who attended Public Vigil on the Day of his Death. (Gdańsk’s Residents’ Beloved Mayor, Paweł Adamowicz. Photo by Wikipedia.) About 16,000 people gathered …

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    Former Homeless Bus Driver won Awards, because He Never Stops Smiling & His Passengers Love It.

    • 2019-01-17

    0 A Former Homeless Person has gone from the Street to a Seat and been crowned London’s Top Bus Driver, after spending only 16 Months on the Job. His Reputation climbed to the Top because he Never Stops Smiling, despite battling traffic gridlock every day. Patrick Lawson is over the moon about his new title. The 50-year-old said after falling into the “wrong crowd” as a teenager and a spell in prison, he was dragged into the “dark and vicious cycle” of homelessness, crime and drugs. When he finally managed to land on his feet, his cheerful disposition was reborn. “My …

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    Grandmother spent an Entire Year Cleaning Plastic Off 52 English Beaches in spare time.

    • 2019-01-17

    0 This English Grandmother has spent an Entire Year Cleaning All of the Trash Off of 52 British Beaches after she made it her 2018 New Year’s Resolution to clean 1 Sandy Bay Each Week. (Pat Smith was Picking up the Litter when armed with Bin Bags and a Litter Picker.) 70-year-old Pat Smith spent All of 2018 on Devon and Cornwall’s most Iconic Beaches each week, armed with Bin Bags, Rubber Gloves and a Litter Picker. She traveled without fail from one end of the South West to the other, Collecting Litter in Beauty Spots from Coverack, Cornwall, to …

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    Son snapped Picture of Elderly Mom & Dad’s Unusual Morning Routine. Now it is going Viral.

    • 2019-01-11

    0 When you have been Married for a Long Time, it is easy to fall into a Routine……   For one pair of Pensioners in North Yorkshire, England, that Morning Routine involves something a bit more interesting than the usual coffee-making and toast-buttering that most of us enjoy. For the Bork Family, Each Morning begins with a Friendly Rivalry involving an Old School Video Game called “Mario Kart 64.” Louis Bork is this Couple’s Son, and he is the one responsible for bringing this Sweet Ritual to the Internet’s Attention. Louis shared a Photo on Reddit of his Parents playing …

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    Kidnapped Girl: Missing Baby Girl’s Uncle said he feels ‘Born Again’ after the 17-month-old Baby being found.

    • 2019-01-10

    0 The Uncle of a missing 17-month-old Baby Girl said he feels as though he has been “Born Again” after she was found Safe and Well. (Police found Maria Tudorica, pictured, 3 hours after she went missing when her Father’s car was stolen in Newham, East London.) A Huge Search was launched Last Sunday (7 January 2019) for a missing toddler after a Car was stolen with the Baby Girl inside of it. Little Maria Tudorica was sat in the passenger seat of her Father’s Audi when Thief posing as a Prospective Buyer stole the car in Nine Acres Close …

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    Dad is surprised to hear His Toothbrush Holder is Actually 4,000-Year-old Relic!

    • 2019-01-08

    0 A Dad has been unknowingly Storing his Toothbrush in Another Man’s 4,000-year-old Relic!! That is what Karl Martin was stunned to discover when he found out that his Toothbrush Jar was actually an Ancient Relic of Afghanistan!!! Since the 49-year-old Dad originally picked up the Old Pottery Jar for just $5 at a Car Boot Sale, he has been using it to hold his Toothbrush for the last 5 years. (Karl Martin with the Pot. Photo by SWNS.) “It even ended up getting a few toothpaste marks on it,” mused Karl. Actually in October 2018, the Antiques Valuer noticed …

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    Smart Glasses Could be Transformed for Deaf Audience in Live Show.

    • 2018-12-29

    0 Smart caption glasses are a revolutionary new way for people with hearing loss to enjoy performances at the National Theatre. When wearing the glasses, audience will see a transcript of the dialogue and descriptions of the sound from a performance displayed on the lenses of the glasses. Smart caption glasses are the culmination of a 4 year collaboration between the National Theatre and speech and language experts led by Professor Andrew Lambourne. The theater is testing this pilot program for the technology for all performances, also plans to make the glasses available for all of its performances during the 2019 season. …

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    “Christmas Miracle”: A 12-year-old Boy survived the Avalanche that Buried him for 40 minutes!

    • 2018-12-28

    0 (Photo by Getty Images.) A 12-year-old Boy in the French Alps was found Alive and Uninjured after being Buried under an Avalanche for 40 Minutes, an Event his Rescuers are calling a True “Miracle”!!! French Police in the Town of Bourg Saint-Maurice said the Boy was skiing off piste at the La Plagne Ski Resort in a group of 7 skiers on Wednesday (December 26, 2018) when he was swept away. The Boy started going down ahead of the others and was the only one caught when a large section of Snow detached and roared down the Mountain, police …

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