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    A Little Boy Has Been Helping Homeless Veterans Since He Was Four

    • 2018-12-23

    0 The little boy, Tyler Stallings, is 7 years old now, and has been helping veterans in need since he was 4, two years down the line, the Baltimore kidpreneur and philanthropist has earned a spot on NBC’s one popular TV show — “Little Big Shots.”   The TV show focuses on notable children, whether they are talented or doing good in the world, and Stallings’ story attracted the attention of producers after they heard about his PAY-IT-FORWARD campaign. (Video by Youtube) It all began three years ago when Stallings’ mother, Andrea Blackstone, showed him a video and explained the …

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    Santa Claus Melted Hearts by getting down on One Knee to Thank WWII Veteran for His Service.

    • 2018-12-12

    0 (Photo by Gina Wilbur.) A Heartwarming Photo that is being shared across social media proves that even Saint Nicholas is humbled in the Presence of US Veterans. Gina Wilbur had been sitting on a bench at the Concord Mall in Wilmington, Delaware last week when Santa Claus was Greeting Kids at his workshop. Though there were many Kids who still wanted to sit on his lap, he briefly stepped away from his chair so he could walk over to 93-year-old Bob Smiley, a World War II Veteran who was sitting nearby. As Gina looked on in astonishment, Santa got …

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    TREES FOR TROOPS 2018 –14th Year Delivery The Spirit of Christmas to Military Families!

    • 2018-12-09

    0 (Reference Photo by Yahoo) 2018 Trees for Troops is the 14th year delivery farm grown Christmas trees for the military families. Staring from the 2018 season having donated 208,720 real Christmas tress over the past 13 years. Last week, the students from a New Hampshire school are working to make the holidays brighter for troops. The elementary School fifth-graders helped to prepare hundreds of trees, which will be sent to service members who will be on duty around the world for the holiday season, and their families around the country and world. Organizers said the students work so hard …

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    A Nurse, 70, spends her Retirement on Treating Other Folks on the Most Threatening War Zones.

    • 2018-12-03

    0 (Nurse Diane Robertson-Bell in Bangladesh. Photo by Mirror.) Regarding of Retirement, many of us could be fascinated about slowing down, however Diane Robertson-Bell had no aim of dwelling a quiet existence. As a substitute, she launched into a Brand New Degree of her Occupation, running as a Nurse in one of the most International’s Most Threatening Areas. After a long time running in busy London Hospitals and in Conflict Zones like Iraq as a part of the Territorial Military, she knew she had abilities that had been desperately wanted and had at all times favored the speculation of running …

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    48 Years After Reading the X’Mas Card which Got Him Through the Vietnam War, He Finally Met the Sender.

    • 2018-11-27

    0 It has been almost 55 years since John Metzler received the Christmas Card from Donna Caye that meant so much to him. (Photo by CBS News.) When John Metzler was a 23-year-old Helicopter Sniper who was in the middle of Fighting in the Vietnam War and while his time overseas was brutal, he said there was one thing that kept him going : a Small Note that was mailed to him on Christmas Day from a Little Girl back in the United States. Donna Caye, who was in the sixth grade at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and School, wrote …

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    Love is a Battlefield for Husband and Wife who fought side by side in Iraq.

    • 2018-11-14

    0 (Photo by Heidi Radkiewicz.) “This is one hell of a honeymoon,” Heidi Radkiewicz thought to herself as she opened fire on a farmhouse a few miles away from the Baghdad Airport. She and the rest of her convoy of Army National Guardsmen were under fire from insurgents. As she loaded a fresh magazine into her rifle, she caught sight of her husband, Jake, who was a few trucks behind her, and kept shooting. Being a woman in combat is unusual, but being a married woman deployed alongside her husband even more so. In “Honeymoon in Baghdad,” Radkiewicz tells the …

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    Lovers survived in a Concentration Camp.

    • 2018-10-22

    0 A Heart-Warming Tale, “Nazi forced Labour Camp” should be pretty highlighted on the List. Luigi Pedutto and Mokryna Yurzuk, in 1944, they were both interred in an Austrian Concentration Camp—he as an Italian Prisoner of War, and she as an ‘Ukrainians’, on the list of people whom Hitler hated for no reason. For a year they Toiled together in the Conditions which most of us could not even imagine, until they eventually Fell in Love—at which point the Camp was Liberated and the Soviets carted Mokryna back behind the iron curtain. Because Politics sucked in the 20th Century, Luigi …

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